Today's Demag AC 100-4L All Terrain Crane Offers Improved Performance and Serviceability

Fri May 19, 2017 - National Edition
Terex Cranes

Using input from Demag customers as the foundation, Terex Cranes announces multiple product updates to the Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane. One of the most compact cranes in the 100-t (120-US-ton) class, the redesigned AC 100-4L crane features a new design that improves lifting performance, especially when working at steep main boom positions.

Boosting crane capacity as well, the updated all terrain crane includes the Demag® IC-1 Plus control system. The system is designed to provide the crane's maximum allowable lifting capacity, based on the slewing angle, for every crane configuration. The new control system no longer limits the maximum lifting capacity to a pre-calculated, 360° load chart which was based on the most unstable position of the crane. Instantaneous capacity calculations allow customers to take full advantage of the maximum lifting capacity available at any given slewing position for any crane configuration.

This advantage is particularly useful when working with reduced outrigger settings and reduced counterweight. In fact, it enables the Demag AC 100-4L to perform jobs where higher capacity cranes are typically needed. This comes with an added benefit: for many applications, the IC-1 Plus control system not only uses the full potential of the crane's lifting capacity, but also creates the opportunity to use less counterweight as compared to the 360° lifting capacities. This results in reduced transport costs.

Another benefit to customers is that the 4-axle AC 100-4L now incorporates many of the same design concepts as the Demag 5-axle crane family, simplifying crane servicing for the technician working on 4- and 5-axle Demag all terrain cranes. From the drive train and the assembly for drive components to the boom head and main boom extension designs, customers will find more parts and component commonality between the AC 100-4L and other Demag all terrain cranes to reduce spare parts inventory costs and storage.

What has not changed is that the Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane remains the only crane in the 100-t (120-US-ton) class to offer a narrow standard truck width of only 2.55 m (8.4 ft), even when equipped with large 445/95R25 tires, allowing it to easily navigate congested urban areas. With its 59.4-m (194.9-ft) main boom length and 69.5-m (228-ft) total system length, the AC 100-4L offers one of the longest system lengths that can travel on four axles while adhering to 12-t (13.2-US-ton) axle load limits.

The AC 100-4L crane offers both powerful Euromot 4/Tier 4 Final and Euromot 3a/Tier 3 engine options to meet market needs and delivers cost-effective operation, excellent road-traveling performance and outstanding fuel economy.

Customers can contact their Terex Cranes Sales Team representative for full details on the design updates to the Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane.

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