Topcon to Debut 3-D Local Positioning System By Summer

Tue April 24, 2007 - National Edition

The Topcon Positioning Systems’ 3D-LPS is being upgraded.

The new LPS-900 system features Topcon’s X-TRAC tracking technology and integrated radio communication for higher speed operation under all conditions.

Murray Lodge, Topcon Positioning Systems’ (TPS) director of sales-construction, said, “The LPS-900 uses Topcon’s patented technology to simplify work with uncompromising accuracy. You save time on even the most demanding job, thus increasing profitability.”

He said the LPS-900 “truly brings seamless integration of traditional survey technology with the latest in local positioning and digital site plan-based grade control.”

Driven by Topcon’s robotic total station technology and its 3-D automation technology, the LPS-900 also:

•┬áProvides dual use as a base for high-accuracy machine automation or traditional robotic surveying operation

• Supplies grade information in a continuous stream via high-speed radio

• Allows simple switching from GPS+ to LPS whenever the specs or job demands.

The LPS-900 “takes electronic site plans and controls grade of machines,” Lodge said. “The site plan information is constantly referenced; the measurement differences are transmitted to the machine via radio link.

“Less initial staking is required, while re-staking and conventional string-lining become obsolete, saving time and money. The result? Fast, fully automatic grade control with industry-leading accuracy.”

The new LPS-900 system will be available in North America in early summer.