Topcon’s RC-4 Remote System Integrates Advanced Technologies

Tue January 25, 2011 - National Edition

The RL-H4C is an addition to the popular RL-H series of rotating lasers.
The RL-H4C is an addition to the popular RL-H series of rotating lasers.

Topcon Positioning System’s (TPS) RC-4 is a new, compact QuickLock remote system that integrates an array of advanced technologies that “dramatically increases productivity on all survey projects.”

Denny Welch, senior vice president of the Topcon Survey Business Unit, said, “The RC-4 uses dual lasers, a built-in spread spectrum radio and Topcon’s QuickLock technology to create on-the-job efficiencies from stakeout to topo and from construction layout to as-built surveys.”

Designed for use with the new Topcon QS (Quick Station) robotic total station, Topcon IS (Imaging Station), and the Topcon 9-Series robotic total stations, the remote RC-4 “commands the robotic total station to start searching via optical signals carried by laser beams,” Welch said. He added, “This optical link eliminates the possibility of false lock to the other prism or reflective objects.”

When the RC-4 QuickLock system is activated, the robotic station detects the laser beam and immediately rotates toward the RC-4.

“As soon as the prism comes into view,” Welch said, “the total station acquires lock and starts tracking. It’s that quick, it’s that simple, and it’s that easy.”

The field controller can be connected to the RC-4 remote using Bluetooth wireless technology.

One RC-4 remote unit can operate up to six total stations. The system has a working range of 1,310 ft. (400 m).

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