Towmaster Adds Two Low Profile

Sat September 30, 2006 - National Edition

Towmaster Inc. now offers a lower deck height trailer in the popular 40,000- and 50,000-lb. (18,144 and 22,680 kg) capacity models.

“Some customers have asked us to build trailers with lower deck heights in the 40,000-pound to 50,000-pound range,” commented Brian Weseman, president of Towmaster Trailers. “The new T-40LP and T-50LP further expands and complements our existing Low Profile models, the T-20LP and T-24LP.”

The new T-40LP and T-50LP feature an unloaded deck height of 34 in. (86 cm).

The T-40LP features a 40,000-lb. load capacity, dual wheel tandem axles and 19-ft. (5.8 m) flat deck with 5-ft. (1.5 m) 12-deg. beavertail and 5-ft. ramps.

The deck is 102 in. (259 cm) wide and is built on a 10-in. (25.4 cm) main frame.

The two-speed parking jack is rated at 25,000 lbs. (11,340 kg).

There are six D-ring tie downs (three per side). The ramps feature a standard two-way spring assist to help lift the ramps off the beavertail and off the ground.

Some other standard features are:

• 2-in. (5.1 cm) nominal white oak hardwood deck

• sealed wiring harness with circuit breakers

• shock-mounted lighting

The T-50LP features a 50,000-lb. load capacity, dual wheel triple axles and 24-ft. (7.3 m) flat deck with 5-ft. 12-deg. beavertail and 5-ft. ramps.

There are eight D-ring tie downs (four per side). Other features are the same as the T-40LP.

“To get the lower deck height, we used a lower height adjustable Hutchens suspension and lower height main frame coupled with only 14.5 inches of steel over the wheels compared to 36 or more inches that the competition uses,” stated Dave Lundin, vice president of operations. “That way we can still offer the most traction on our T-40LP and T-50LP trailers.”

The T-40LP and T-50LP trailers are available with an optional 6-ft. (1.8 cm) beavertail at a 10-degree angle and they are ready for immediate orders.

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