Trail Ox Series End Dump Trailer from Ox Bodies Having an Impact with Contractors and Dealers Alike

Thu December 17, 2015 - National Edition

The Trail Ox Series of end dump trailers from Ox Bodies adds on-the-job versatility for a range of hauling applications.
The Trail Ox Series of end dump trailers from Ox Bodies adds on-the-job versatility for a range of hauling applications.

The Trail Ox Series of end dump trailers from Ox Bodies adds on-the-job versatility for a range of hauling applications, including sand to large aggregates, riprap and asphalt. A variety of configurations and options are offered to meet specific hauling needs. Designed for long-term reliability and profitability, the product line comes in full frame and quarter frame versions. The heavy-duty full frame easily hauls large loads in demanding applications, while the lighter weight quarter frame is ideal for mid-range haul distances.

Ox Bodies Marketing Manager Nikki Kyle said, “The Trail Ox Series really provides contractors with a level of flexibility that they need for tough applications like rip-rap, in addition to more conventional loads like gravel, rock, and asphalt. That versatility provides a lot of value to end-users. Plus the quality is something that keeps Trail Ox Series End Dump Trailers working, on the job, day-in and day-out.”

Trail Ox Series trailers feature a standard width of 96 inches, side heights of 36 to 60 inches, lengths of 22 to 36 feet, and capacities up to 51.2 cubic yards. All trailers have a continuous seam-welded design that reduces debris collection and water-related body and chassis corrosion. In addition to a wide range of high-end features, numerous product-enhancing upgrades are also available. Trail Ox Series trailers are backed by a two-year warranty.

Scrap Trailers Now Available

In addition to the line of standard end dump trailers, Ox Bodies also offers a rugged scrap trailer. The Trail Ox Series scrap trailer features Hardox steel construction and a 60-cubic-yard capacity. The scrap trailer is built tough to handle the most difficult scrap and demolition projects with side heights of 72 inches and an overall length of 40 feet.

Each Ox body is backed by over 40 years of experience and engineering excellence.

Trail Ox Series Features:

• Continuous seam-welded design

• Air-operated hi-lift tailgate available

• Square Bottom "L", Elliptical "U" and the "J" crossover body styles

• Quarter-frame capacity up to 39.8 cubic yards

• Full-frame capacity up to 51.2 cubic yards

• Scrap trailer capacity of 60 cubic yards

• Frameless “U” style body capacity up to 43 cubic yards

Now Available in Frameless!

Ox Bodies recently unveiled its new frameless Trail Ox Series end dump trailer. The new trailer comes in a standard length up to 36 feet standard side height up to 60 inches. The “U” style body is constructed of heavy duty Hardox steel and offers a capacity up to 43 cubic yards.

Increased Dealership Profit Opportunities

Growth in sales and increased demand have created expanded dealer opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southwest areas. Top quality, high demand end dump trailers from Ox Bodies can help increase sales and profits.

Kyle said, “We’ve really seen some of our dealers expand their business through Trail Ox Series End Dump Trailers. For many dealers it’s a complementary product offering to their existing line. In those cases, the addition of the Trail Ox Series has helped them reach a broader audience and increase revenues.”

Load after load, mile after mile, every Ox product delivers increased payloads and profits. Interested dealers should contact Ox Bodies for more information: 800-844-2519. To find out more about Trail Ox Series End Dump Trailers visit the web at: