Tucker Concrete Supports Troops With Flashy Paint Job

Wed September 14, 2005 - Southeast Edition

Tucker Concrete Company Inc. (TUCCO) is showing its support for members of the U.S. Armed Forces with a new paint job for two of its trucks.

The ready mix concrete trucks, officially unveiled Aug. 31, now boast desert camouflage paint

“Our company’s chief executive officer, Robert C. ’Buddy’ Pittard, came up with the idea of painting these truck desert camouflage style,” said Tony Cape, president of TUCCO “When the rest of us heard his suggestion, we loved the idea and immediately jumped on the bandwagon.”

The basis for the idea was simple.

“We want to show how much we appreciate the members of our armed forces and every person in fire protection, the police and homeland security,” Pittard said. “We hope that people driving around Atlanta will see our trucks and take just a moment to realize and appreciate the sacrifice that these men and women so courageously give.”

In addition to the paint job, the trucks feature a prominent company logo and the message “TUCCO Supports Our Troops.”

Tucker Concrete Company Inc. acquired its newest camouflage truck from Gainesville Truck Center of Gainesville, GA.

“Mick and Blaine Allison at Gainesville Mack Trucks did a tremendous job making our vision of this vehicle become a reality,” Cape said. “Gerald Bryant also did a great job of painting the truck.”

Honored guests at the unveiling ceremonies included Master Gunnery Sgt. Frank Golaen and members of the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 42, which is part of the Marine Aircraft Group 42 based at the Naval Air Station in Marietta, GA.

“When I saw a photo of the truck, I loved it,” Golaen said.

A variety of city, county, and state officials also attended the unveiling ceremony.

Gordon Kenna, president of the Georgia Concrete and Products Association and David Ellis, executive director of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association were among those in the construction industry who attended the event.

“I believe most of our members will enthusiastically support this expression of support for our men and women in uniform,” Kenna said. “I have heard many moving stories from members about friends and family members who are serving in the armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think this gesture by Tucker Concrete Company Inc. will mean a great deal to those individuals.”

“I am excited to see that one of our members wants to rally the spirit of the community in support of those who risk their lives for our country,” Ellis said. “I think it’s wonderful that Tucker Concrete Company has taken this step to show the community their patriotism, their pride in our country, and their support for our troops.”

Pittard sees a special bond among those in his industry and the military.

“All of us in the construction industry seem to have a closer bond with the uniformed services of America,” Pittard said. “Maybe it is our blue collars but, whatever it is, we love and respect each and every person who volunteers to serve and protect our country. We hope this small gesture will show the extent of our appreciation and that we are solidly behind each and every one of our men and women in uniform.”

Founded by R. Mark Henderson in 1959, the company operates facilities in the Georgia communities of Auburn, Canton, Cartersville, Cedartown, Covington, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville, Grayson, and Tucker. TUCCO supplies commercial, residential, and do-it-yourself concrete to customers in these communities and the surrounding counties.