Updated Sakai Rollers Made to Achieve Density Faster

Fri August 15, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Sakai has introduced two new high-frequency, higher force vibratory asphalt rollers designed to achieve density faster regardless of mix design, while providing a smoother finish across the mat.

The machines — SW880 with a 79-in. (200.7 cm) drum width and the SW990 with 84-in. (213 cm) drums, offer increased centrifugal and static forces. Both models show marked improvement over the earlier versions, according to the manufacturer.

The higher compactive force will translate into better compaction when running dynamically and offer more powerful static finish passes. These machines are practical for compaction of county, state and interstate highways and airport runways. They also offer a 30-in. (76 cm) curb clearance to avoid guard rails.

Initially introduced at ConExpo ’99 as the antidote for the tender zones in contemporary mix rolling, these new machines still offer 4,000 vpm high frequency at 10 to 12 impacts per foot. This feature continues to bring faster rolling to asphalt projects.

“The two new machines introduced this year, just flat out offer more clout,” stated Sakai Marketing Manager Shane Sirmons.

“The SW880’s centrifugal force has improved almost 20 percent over the previous model. These new dynamics translate to higher amplitudes, so the new models will get more done faster. New, user-friendly features make these machines a joy to operate.”

Sakai’s ExactCompact is now built into the control panel on these two new models. Once targeted impact spacing has been determined, the operator simply adjusts ground speed until the green lights are illuminated. This enhancement simplifies and speeds roller operation while ensuring proper impact spacing and thus compaction. Mat temperature-on-the-run, an option, also would be displayed here.

Sakai’s AutoSpeed function memorizes the successful “green zone” settings to allow simplified, full stroke lock-in at the forward-reverse control.

Sakai’s counter-rotating weight design remains. This feature, which has the front drum weights rotating clockwise and the rear drum weights counterclockwise, ensures that all forces will be moving up and down, unlike models that direct less force downward.

The spray system has received an improved spray timer that is now linked to the forward-reverse lever settings. When the machine is at stop or neutral while in AutoSpray mode, the spray shuts off. A manually-controlled spray mode also is available.

A pressurized back-up pumping system also is standard and a drainage system is included for clean-out and winterization.

New, powerful yet fuel-efficient Deutz Tier III diesel engines are standard on these two new models.

The SW880 features a TCD 2012 L04-2V engine that delivers 131 hp (97.6 kW) while the larger SW990’s TCD 2012 L06-2V develops 166 hp (123.7 kW).

For more information, call 800/323-0535 or visit www.sakaiamerica.com.

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