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Used Skid Steer Loaders For Sale

Skid steers aren’t mammoth pieces of construction equipment, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in versatility and maneuverability. A skid steer loader’s compactness and agility allows it to go where larger machines cannot venture, making it ideal for applications that require working in tight spaces. And with the wide assortment of tools and attachments that are available with most models, one skid steer is often capable of performing the role of many machines, which can result in substantial cost savings for any construction company.

Construction Equipment Guide offers through our website a sizable and frequently updated listing of used steer loaders for sale.To help you with your used skid steer purchasing process, Construction Equipment Guide posts and publishes in print an extensive number of skid steer product announcements as well articles on projects in which skid steers are playing a key role.

Whether you're looking for used skid steers for sale in Texas, or New York, or California, or Illinois, or Florida, or anywhere else in the United States, be sure to check back frequently on this page, but also in Construction Equipment Guide's four regional print editions 'Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Western.There, just like here, you'll find ongoing and in-depth coverage on skid steers, their manufacturers and their dealers.

Also, be sure to check out our print and online skid steer loader comparison charts where you can see all of the manufacturer's recent skid steer models and their operating specs. Helping our readers, both in print and online, make well informed purchasing decisions continues to be Construction Equipment Guide's primary mission. To see the online specs, click here:

Skid Steer Loaders News and Archives

The Skid Steer's Origin

Virtually every type of construction equipment has an interesting story behind its beginnings and skid steers are certainly not an exception.

Louis and Cyril Keller had begun thinking using a type of skid steer in the mid-1950s.The brothers arrived a barnyard in western Minnesota in 1958 to speak with a farmer about a machine they had that could help him clean up manure more efficiently. The farmer was not impressed with what he saw was a 'big toy.' But the brothers were unfazed by the farmer's initial skepticism, so, they proceeded to demonstrate their 'toy' by cleaning the farm 'for free. The farmer changed his in mind in a hurry and immediately ordered two of these skid steers for himself. Of course, there's a lot more to this story and to read the rest of it, click here: