Utility Excavating Tool Increases Productivity, Maximizes Profits

Tue January 25, 2011 - National Edition

Rockland VB V-bottom excavator buckets dig shale, rock or frozen ground. The easy-dig lip design delivers faster, easier penetration every time the bucket digs, according to the manufacturer.

These buckets fracture rock as they dig often turning the broken rock into bedding material. Because of the V-bottom design, operators get to the proper depth quicker than with a conventional straight cutting edge bucket. Less material moved equals faster ditching and less fuel consumption.

VB V-bottom excavator buckets are built using high-strength, abrasion resistant alloy steels. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and all VB V-bottom excavator buckets are covered with the Rockland no-nonsense, one-year, 2,000 hour guarantee.

Rockland has been manufacturing allied equipment for dozers, loaders, excavators, and motorgraders for more than 60 years.

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