VIPAR Launches Web Site to Better Serve Distributors

Thu February 14, 2013 - Midwest Edition

VIPAR Heavy Duty has launched its new and improved Web site,, with enhanced navigation functions and expanded contents to better serve its distributors, suppliers and end-users. Built on a robust technology platform, the site reinforces the VIPAR Heavy Duty brand and includes improvements to both the public and private sides of the site.

“The newly enhanced Web site reinforces our VIPAR Heavy Duty brand as well as provides increased exposure for both our stockholders and supplier partners,” said Jeff Paul, director of marketing. “Additionally, we have made major technical improvements to the Web site that offer optimal functionality and a user-friendly atmosphere for all of our constituent groups both internally and externally.”

VIPAR Heavy Duty’s new Web site is centered on the theme, “It’s Our Duty,” and focuses on key qualities that the organization and its distributors bring to its end-user customers. They include years of experience and expertise, world-class service, the strength of the organization’s vast network, and product quality through industry-leading brands.

The public side of the Web site is designed to serve the industry as a whole. Among the changes is a greatly improved “Find-A-Distributor” function, making it easier for fleet managers and owner operators to find the nearest VIPAR Heavy Duty distributor.

The private portal of the website for the organization’s distributors and supplier partners provides enhanced functionality, navigation, and improvements to resources including the graphics gallery, enhanced line card and product search functionality.

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