Visionaire’s 3110 Offers Internal Hydraulic Compressor Drive

Tue April 14, 2009 - National Edition

Visionaire Inc., of Grand Prairie, Texas, has added the Model 3110 to its lineup. The Model 3110 air conditioner condenser with an internal hydraulic compressor drive provides air conditioner components for cranes and other applications. This is useful in bringing cooler air into operator’s cab, especially cabs that are not close to an engine.

The Model 3110 has a compact 24 by 18-in. (60 by 45 cm) footprint and is rated at 24,000 BTU/h. The standard compressor drive requires a hydraulic flow of 8 GPM at 1200 to 1500 PSI.

A wide variety of motor displacements and flow controls can be specified for constant pressure or load sense applications.

Optional equipment includes a new diesel fired coolant heater and a variety of cab air filtration and pressurization systems. The 3110 can be paired with a wide variety of in-cab air conditioners and heater components.

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