VMAC Launches 'Air Innovated' Branding, Promising To Be The Leader In Mobile Compressed Air Innovation

Tue March 13, 2018 - National Edition

VMAC has announced a rebrand to “Air Innovated” at NTEA's The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The Air Innovated theme embodies VMAC's promise to dealers and customers to be the leader in mobile compressed air innovation.

“As one of the only true rotary screw air compressor manufacturers in the world, VMAC has been designing and manufacturing innovative products specifically for the North American work truck industry for over 20 years,” said Gordon Duval, VMAC's vice president of Marketing and Sales. “Air Innovated is our brand promise that as our industry changes and advances, VMAC will continue to be hard at work designing and manufacturing innovative products to meet the changing needs of the industry.”

VMAC's commitment to innovation is evidenced by the announcement at this year's NTEA Work Truck Show, of two new and innovative products; the UNDERHOOD40 Air Compressor – Van Series, the first and only air compressor system specifically designed for vans, and the DTM70-H, the world's first underdeck PTO driven air compressor and hydraulic power system. In addition, a significant update to the VMAC Multifunction Power System – Oilman Series was announced; customers will now be able to choose a CAT engine with this multi-power system beginning this fall. These new product releases and product improvements are examples of the innovative solutions VMAC continues to provide, improving the lives and businesses of those who work in the industries served.

“Looking to the future beyond 2018, VMAC remains committed to maintaining our position as the leader in mobile compressed air innovation. With complete control of our products by designing, engineering, and manufacturing VMAC air compressors and multi-power systems in-house in North America, we can confidently release new products and innovations as requested by our partners and customers,” says Duval. “Air Innovated is a promise to our dealers and customers that VMAC will continue to be the responsive leader in mobile compressed air innovation, and empower our customers to work more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.”

For more information about the VMAC Air Innovated story, visit www.AirInnovated.com.