Volvo CE F- Series: Bringing Innovation to the Job

A host of high-tech features on the F-Series are making many fleet managers happy.

Wed September 25, 2013 - National Edition
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Volvo F-Series articulated haulers are equipped with Volvo D11 (A25F, A30F), D13 (A35F), and D16 (A40F) Tier IVi engines featuring Volvo advanced combustion technology.
Volvo F-Series articulated haulers are equipped with Volvo D11 (A25F, A30F), D13 (A35F), and D16 (A40F) Tier IVi engines featuring Volvo advanced combustion technology.

The Volvo F-Series line includes four models, ranging in capacity from the 26.5-ton (24 t) A25F to the 43-ton (39 t) A40F.

Designed for Power and Fuel Efficiency

Volvo F-Series articulated haulers are equipped with Volvo D11 (A25F, A30F), D13 (A35F), and D16 (A40F) Tier IVi engines featuring Volvo advanced combustion technology (V-ACT). V-ACT is environmentally friendly technology that provides the engine with high torque at low revolutions to improve fuel efficiency, reduce noise levels and increase engine life. Volvo designed and built D11 and D13 engines give the A25F and A30F a power increase of 5 percent and 20 percent more torque. The A35F now has an increase of 5 percent horsepower and 12 percent torque over the previous model. The new A40F generates a 6.1 power-to-weight ratio.

The Tier IVi engine is stocked with a variable geometry turbocharger and high pressure fuel injection to improve air handling, enhance performance and promote high fuel efficiency, as well as improve quick engine response and high torque at low engine speeds. A cooled exhaust gas recirculation system lowers the temperature of combustion, reducing the NOx emissions. Particulate matter (PM) emissions are reduced to regulation standards with the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Regeneration, which can take place during operation, cleans the filter to maintain high engine performance.

Ultimate Machine Control

Volvo Construction Equipment offers exclusive automatic traction control (ATC) as standard on the F-Series haulers. In normal mode, ATC selects fuel-saving 6x4 drive and only engages 6x6 drive when the operating conditions call for it. This translates to increased productivity with minimal fuel consumption and longer operating life, according to the manufacturer.

Longitudinal differential locks are applied automatically depending on conditions at hand; this allows the operator to focus more on material delivery. The dump lever is now electrohydraulic, allowing for in-cab adjustments of dump body heights and promoting smooth lowering of the dump body. The load and dump brake allows for easier dumping operation with one-button setting the brakes and placing the transmission in neutral.

The Volvo A25F and Volvo A30F articulated haulers are outfitted with a fully hydraulic dry disc brake system. This can help control speed while hauling downhill and turning into curves or crossroads, reducing the need for service brake use and minimizing wear. They also include new front hydraulic suspension to help enhance operator efficiency and comfort. The new 1-2-3 brake on the Volvo A35F and Volvo A40F haulers allows for progressive retardation and requires less operator input.

Improved Operator Experience

The Volvo care cab provides a roomy operating environment that meets or exceeds TOPS, ROPS and OPG1 (object protective guard) standards of protection. An adjustable, air suspension seat has ergonomic armrests for operator comfort.

The Volvo F-series comes equipped with rear-view cameras with color monitors as standard to enhance safety around the machine while operating. Combined with easier-to-read Contronics monitoring information, the operator is allowed more time to concentrate on the job at hand. And due to a smoother ride, the operator experiences less fatigue, remaining more alert and productive throughout the working shift, according to the manufacturer.

CareTrack Telematics as Standard

The CareTrack telematics system from Volvo Construction Equipment is now standard on all machines 12 tons (10.8 t) and over. CareTrack manages a machine’s productivity and maximizes its availability for work. Using GPRS mobile network or satellite technology the system reads information on a wide range of machine data, such as location, fuel consumption and service reminders. That data is then made available securely and instantaneously to any remote online connection. In addition, Volvo provides a 36-month CareTrack service subscription at no additional cost.

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