Voters Approve $36.6M for Transportation Projects

Sat September 06, 2008 - West Edition

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) announced July 25 that $36.6 million in transportation funding from Proposition 1B, the 2006 voter-approved transportation bond, has been allocated by the California Transportation Commission.

“This Administration is investing billions to improve California’s transportation infrastructure across the state,” said Caltrans Director Will Kempton. “Not only will the projects that received allocations move people and goods faster and make our bridges safer in the event of an earthquake, they will also keep people working on good-paying jobs.”

Nearly $4 billion in Proposition 1B funding was allocated during the 2007-08 fiscal year.

Proposition 1B projects that received allocations are:

• Bridge Seismic Retrofits — $21 million was allocated for the seismic retrofit of 72 locally owned bridges. This provides the required 11.5 percent state match, enabling local agencies to receive the 88.5 percent federal match to fully fund the retrofit projects.

• Santa Barbara County — $7.8 million was allocated for a project that will construct auxiliary lanes on Highway 101 in Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande. This project will reduce the potential for accidents and improve traffic flow during busy commute hours.

• Tulare County — $7.8 million was allocated for a project that will widen Road 80 to four lanes between Visalia and Dinuba, which will increase safety and improve the movement of agricultural goods.

In addition to the Proposition 1B allocations, the California Transportation Commission allocated $169 million for 115 other transportation projects. As with the Proposition 1B funds, these allocations are contingent upon passage of the 2008-09 state budget.

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