Wacker Introduces IRSEN-FU Internal Vibration System

Fri July 27, 2007 - National Edition

Wacker’s new IRSEN-FU series of internal vibrators with operating handle and integrated inverter combine performance with ease of operation. The ergonomically shaped low-vibration handle reduces hand-arm vibration, enhancing operator comfort, according to the manufacturer.

The IRSEN-FU series has built-in safety circuits that disconnect electrical power before damage to the tool or harm to the operator can occur. Direct connection to any 120V single-phase power source delivers stable, powerful three phase electricity to the motor due to the integrated frequency inverter. Low maintenance, long life motor features windings with excess temperature class H protection (up to 356 F) and thermal protection switch for all phases. The windings are encapsulated with a plastic coating to resist damage due to vibration, providing maximum resistance to damage.

The plastic handle features an ergonomic design. The ON/OFF switch is integrated into the handle where it is isolated against vibration transmitted to the operator.

The new IRSEN-FU series is offered in three models.

The IRSEN-FU 38/115 weighs 26.5 lbs (12 Kg) and offers a 1.5 in. (38 mm) vibrator head. The IRSEN-FU 45/115 weighs 28.7 lbs. (13 Kg) and comes with a 1.8 in. (45 mm) vibrator head and the IRSEN-FU 57/115 weighs 35.3 lbs. (16 Kg) and offers a 2.3 in. (58 mm) vibrator head.

All three models come with a 3.3 ft. (1 m) protective hose and are ideal for the compaction of concrete slabs, foundations and precast elements.