Wacker’s Hybrid Heads Use

Tue July 03, 2007 - National Edition

Wacker’s internal vibration heads — Hybrid Heads combine the best properties of the round head with the square head technology to create the best results in concrete consolidation and high speed concrete liquification, according to the company.

Wacker’s design has a greater surface area that leads to the maximum transfer of energy to the concrete. Wacker’s hybrid vibrator heads can produce high amplitude and high constant vibrations per minute to achieve better consolidation results.

With the geometry of the hybrid head being round at the top and square at the bottom, this gives the advantage of placing the weight at the bottom of the head. The eccentric weight also has been optimized to maximize the performance of the hybrid shape. This increases the amplitude of the head. By increasing the amplitude, the concrete is more easily liquefied, allowing the stiff concrete to settle into place and become consolidated.

The “Hybrid” shape also allows for easy removal of the vibrator head from narrowly placed reinforcement rods. The innovative design transmits high compaction energy into the concrete providing the best consolidation performance and optimum concrete movement even under extreme loads, according to the company.

The high amplitude, hybrid head series includes the 1-in. (25 cm) diameter H 25HA, the 1.4-in. (3.5 cm) diameter H 35HA, the 1.7-in. (4.3 cm) diameter H 45HA and the 2-in. (5 cm) diameter H 50HA. The different diameter heads and shafts in various lengths matched with Wacker’s electric motors provide for a versatile system. The quick disconnect coupling device provides quick and operator-friendly replacement of flexible shafts.

The hybrid heads have undergone extensive out-of-concrete endurance testing.