Werk-Brau Company Joins Recovery Efforts at WTC

Sat October 27, 2001 - Midwest Edition

Werk-Brau Company Inc. stepped up to the opportunity to help the victims, the survivors and the volunteers in New York City at “Ground Zero.” Four custom built attachments were manufactured in a period of six days, with approximately 250 man hours. Werk-Brau employees volunteered the necessary overtime, around the clock, in order to expedite the manufacturing process in this amount of time.

Featured here is a Werk-Brau 6-ft. Extend-a-Stick which will enable an independent contractor operating a Komatsu PC300-6 at “Ground Zero” gain additional reach that will be crucial to the tedious recovery process.

In addition, Werk-Brau manufactured three demolition box grapples to accompany three New Holland EW220s that were donated for the clean-up and recovery efforts. All proceeds that Werk-Brau received from the sale of these attachments will be donated to the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.