Wirtgen Level Pro System Gives Control Over Milling

Mon December 03, 2007 - National Edition

The new Level Pro System from Wirtgen Group provides increased control over newer Wirtgen cold milling machines.

The new W120 F and W 60 cold mills can be equipped with Level Pro, which was developed by Wirtgen. The automatic leveling system is user-friendly and regulates the pre-set milling depth and inclination electronically, guaranteeing full control of the leveling process, and high accuracy of the milling results, according to the manufacturer.

Level Pro will be available on additional Wirtgen mills in the coming months.

The complete system consists of combinable sensors, a controller unit and an ergonomically designed control panel for the machine operator. Level Pro was specially programmed for cold milling machines and is designed to precisely fit their operating conditions. It features graphic symbols and familiar key functions that allow intuitive operation.

Important parameters, such as the target and actual milling depth values on the left and right machine sides, as well as slope values, can easily be read from the graphics-capable display on the control panel.

For more information, visit www.wirtgenamerica.com.