XL Trailers Showcases XL 110 Low-Profile HDG Trailer

The XL 110 low-profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) trailer's 13-ft. (3.9 m) long low-profile neck saves weight, allowing the truck plenty of clearance to attach.

Fri August 01, 2014 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Ideal for hauling heavy construction equipment, the XL 110 low-profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) trailer’s 13-ft. (3.9 m) long low-profile neck saves weight, allowing the truck plenty of clearance to attach, and has a five position variable ride height. The XL 110 low-profile HDG trailer features an overall length of 53 ft. (16 m) with an overall width of 102 in. (259 cm), and is rated at 110,000 lbs. (49,895 kg) capacity overall and 100,000 lbs. (45,359 kg) in 10-ft. (3 m) concentrated, for an efficient and versatile trailer on the road.

To hold up from years of loading and unloading and keep tracks from slipping, the trailer has apitong decking — a wood much stronger than oak. Featuring a 26-ft. (7.9 m) long main deck before the 32-degree approach, it includes 80K web and T1 flange steel, 13 chain slots and seven bent D-rings on each side, as well as heavy-duty removable swing-out outriggers for hauling extra-wide loads. The loaded deck has a height of 8 in. (20 cm) with a 24-in. (61 cm) ground clearance — a model with a height of 18 in. (45.7 cm) with a 6-in. (15 cm) ground clearance also is available for the XL 110 low-profile HDG trailer.

The rear bridge is 14 ft. (4.2 m) long with a 40-in. (101.6 cm) loaded deck height. To haul equipment on the rear bridge, the XL 110 is equipped with bolster chain slots and comes with the option of bolt-on load-bearing wheel covers for hauling loads on top of the cover or semi-load-bearing wheel covers to drive equipment onto the bolsters. The bolt-on feature allows users to remove and attach them as needed.

Equipped with a deep well that is specifically designed for long booms, the trailer eliminates the need to detach the lower boom section on a scraper. The deep bucket well in the rear bridge easily accommodates excavators and the lowered rear angle from deck to wheel area allows for easier loading of equipment over the rear deck. The XL 110 low-profile HDG features three 25,000-lb. (11,340 kg) minimal axles on the rear bridge, spaced at 54.5 in. (138 cm) apart (XL also offers 60-in. [152 cm] axle spacing).

“There have been several customized advancements in the XL 110 low-profile HDG trailer, including numerous tie down options,” said Rodney Crim, director of sales at XL Specialized Trailers. “This trailer has quickly gained a reputation as the go-to construction equipment hauler.

For more information, visit xlspecializedtrailer.com.

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