Yancey Bros. Co. Celebrates ’100 Years of Building Georgia’

Wed May 28, 2014 - Southeast Edition

As the speeches concluded, Doug Oberhelman (L), CEO of Caterpillar, presents the 100th anniversary commemorative award to Jim Stephenson, chairman and CEO of Yancey Bros. Co.
As the speeches concluded, Doug Oberhelman (L), CEO of Caterpillar, presents the 100th anniversary commemorative award to Jim Stephenson, chairman and CEO of Yancey Bros. Co.
As the speeches concluded, Doug Oberhelman (L), CEO of Caterpillar, presents the 100th anniversary commemorative award to Jim Stephenson, chairman and CEO of Yancey Bros. Co. Yancey product support reps and their customers come together at the Austell, Ga., event including (L-R) Chris Brogdon, Yancey Bros. Co.; Chris Bivins and Bruce Ummel of Blount Construction Co., Marietta, Ga.; and David Soliday, Yancey Bros. Co. (L-R): Blake Jones, sales operations of Yancey Bros. Co., talks with customers Kyle Phillips and Alan Kempson of Southern Hydrovac, Powder Springs, Ga. Darren Story (C) goes over the features of the Cat 308E excavator with Cameron Kerr (L) and Dean Holt  of Southern Resource Management, Newnan, Ga. Erik Christenbury (L) and Ed Christenbury (R) of The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club, based in Liberty, N.C., talk with Yancey’s chairman and CEO Jim Stephenson in front of a 1926 Caterpillar Sixty. (L-R): Yancey’s Garland Capps, Ron Lang, and Keith Thackston talk with Yancey retiree Tom Palmer, one of the many retired Yancey staffers in attendance at this event. (L-R): Doug Oberhelman, Caterpillar CEO; Jim Stephenson, chairman and CEO of Yancey Bros. Co.; and Trey Googe, Yancey Bros. Co. executive vice president and COO. Bob Blanchard (L), Blanchard Machinery, and Goodloe Yancey, Yancey Bros. Co., old friends and fellow Cat dealers, celebrate Yancey’s 100th anniversary. Huge support from Caterpillar turned out for the event including (L-R) Shawn Elliott, sales operations; John Windhorst, product support operations; Joel Greener, Cat Financial; Stephan Downing, district manager; Jerome Guilford, GM Caterpillar used equipm Mary Bell (L) began her Caterpillar career with Yancey Bros. Co. and worked her way up to become Caterpillar’s vice president, building construction products division, and was back to celebrate the 100th anniversary with the folks from Yancey, inclu David Minshew, retired Master Technician and his wife, Carol, admire some of the antique tractors on display. (L-R): Doug and Kelli Fabick of Fabick CAT made the trek from Fenton, Mo., to join Caterpillar’s Doug Oberhelman to celebrate the first Cat dealer to turn 100 years old. John Faress (L) and Michael Bell (R) of C.W. Matthews, Marietta, Ga., and Michael’s son, Colton, came to the event to see their friends and equipment supplier. (L-R): Kirk Daniels, a retired metro Atlanta earthmoving contractor, came up from the Bahamas to be a part of the celebration with Yancey’s Donna Yancey Stephenson and Jim Stephenson.

Yancey Bros. Co. celebrated a milestone at its headquarters in Austell, Ga., May 9. The company kicked off the first of several celebrations to be held at Yancey locations across the state of Georgia in order to celebrate Yancey and to celebrate “100 Years of Building Georgia.” More than 1,000 people made their way to the event to enjoy live entertainment, rides, laser skeet shooting, rock climbing wall, Midway games and much more. An impressive array of food was available from the grill, and was served with a variety of sides. Cotton candy, popcorn, boiled peanuts and ice cream was served for attendees to snack on.

Current equipment was on display as well as tractors from the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club of North Carolina. In addition, the #31 Ryan Newman Cat car and exhibition hauler were on display. The “goodie bag” giveaways had some terrific keepsakes, and attendees even had the chance to register for a new Cat skid steer loader give away.

Jim Stephenson, chairman and CEO of Yancey Bros. Co., expressed his appreciation to the guests in attendance.

“It’s really all of you that we celebrate. If it wasn’t for you, and what you bring in your heart, and what you need to do everyday, if it wasn’t for you there would not be 100 years for Yancey. I will close by saying: Don’t let anyone tell you we are 100 years old, we are 100 years young, we are 100 years strong. Thank you.”

Caterpillar had a contingent of representatives for this event including CEO Doug Oberhelman.

In his speech, delivered at the event, Oberhelman expressed how impressed he was with Yancey for crossing such an important threshold.

“Our oldest Caterpillar dealer in the United States, Yancey Bros., 100 years, that’s a big deal. I know something about what it takes to manage an organization like Jim [Stephenson] does and what it takes to succeed, and it is not easy. To imagine a company for 100 years, under the same ownership, with the same name, as successful as it’s been for 100 years, is nothing short of a miracle. It says an awful lot about the family and about its leadership. So, I congratulate you all for probably being the oldest dealer in the United States. I’ve done some 75’s, a couple 80’s, I’ve done a lot of 50’s, I have never done 100 and I’m not sure I will do another 100 in my working career. I congratulate all of you, especially Jim and Yancey family for a great run.”

He also expressed how important the dealer/distributer relationship is.

“I respect and appreciate that relationship so deeply. It’s really the biggest advantage Caterpillar has. We call on customers frequently, but we really don’t think the Caterpillar brand, the Cat brand, would be what it is without all of you.”