Yancey Bros. Sets Out to Prove Hay Balers Aren’t Just For Farmers Anymore

Wed September 01, 2004 - Southeast Edition

On Aug. 19, Yancey Bros. Co. showed off its latest agricultural product offerings, including several new B-Series Challenger tractors and hay-baling equipment, during its “Hay Day” event in northern Forsyth County.

More than 125 customers, both traditional earthmoving customers and farmers, attended the event, which showcased the 95-hp Challenger MT525B featuring a 32-speed variable transmission with both round and square balers.

“The variable transmission allows farmers to match their tractor field speed to the quality of the hay they are baling” said Sam Ingram, Yancey’s agricultural products salesman. “They can easily slow it down for thick hay or speed up for thinner hay.”

In addition to the MT525B, a Challenger MT465B, an MT 455, an SB36 square baler, an RB46 round baler and a Fendt 411 were also on-hand and created a lot of interest among the onlookers.

Of the baling equipment, the fully automatic RB46 round baler was the biggest hit. At a weight of 6,325 lbs., it outweighs its competition by 1,500 lbs. and features a monitor that allows the operator increased flexibility when tying bales.

All of the latest Challenger and Fendt products are available through Yancey’s Agricultural Products Division across the states of Georgia, Alabama and the Florida panhandle.

For more information, call 877/YANCEYAG.