Yanmar Quick Coupler Simplifies Attachment Changes

Mon February 12, 2018 - Southeast Edition #4

A unique feature of Yanmar excavators is a quick coupler, which is provided on all models ViO25-6A and larger.

The pin-grabber style quick coupler is used by the operator from within the cab and simplifies the ability to switch easily and quickly between different size buckets and different attachments (such as breakers, mowers, etc.). The distance between pins is adjustable so attachments with different pin distances can be used.

Any attachment using a 2-pin type connection, as with the bucket, can be installed using the quick coupler. Only the application of the locking pin and the hook-up of any hoses or connections for attachments needs to be done outside the cab. The quick coupler is included as a standard feature on Yanmar excavators.