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Advance Tires Adds L4 Solid Skid Steer Tire

Wed April 12, 2017 - National Edition

Advance Tire Inc. recently added an L4 solid skid steer tire to its solid tire line. Known as the Contender, it has an improved solid tire design with 30 percent more wearable rubber than traditional directional solid tires, according to the manufacturer.

By using a heavy block tread design, the tire is expected to provide longer wear on hard surfaces. Advance also made the tire directional and used a wider block separation to make sure the Contender provides traction on unimproved surfaces such as dirt yards.

The tire comes with two or three rows of aperture comfort holes, which provide a soft ride and improve traction. The Contender is available in both 30x10-16 and 33x12-20; these sizes replace 10x16.5 and 12x16.5 size tires.

The Contender is shipped tire and rim ready to install.

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