Allmand’s SHO-HD Lighting System Shines a Brighter Light on Job Sites

Tue January 20, 2009 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Allmand Bros. Inc.’s SHO-HD lighting system is designed to deliver brighter and whiter light for enhanced visibility and greater coverage of job sites.

The SHO-HD system is fully integrated into the SHO parallel lamp fixtures found on all Allmand light towers. Featuring 1,250-watt lamps and ballasts, the SHO-HD produces 150,000 lumens per lamp, a 36-percent increase over the 110,000-lumen output of standard 1,000-watt lamps. This illumination increase allows the SHO-HD to light up to 45-percent more surface area to one-half footcandle or higher, when compared with various 1,000-watt fixtures.

In addition to higher light output and ground coverage, the SHO-HD system also offers improved light quality. With an enhanced color rendering index of 70 CRI and higher Kelvin color temperature of 3,954 K — compared with 65 CRI and 3,700 K for standard 1,000-watt lamps — the SHO-HD emits a whiter light and provides greatly improved color recognition for workers on the job site. This recognition allows for better visibility of objects and a more comfortable overall orientation in night environments, leading to a safer and more productive work atmosphere, according to the manufacturer.

The SHO-HD lighting system is now standard on Allmand’s Maxi-Lite Series and Night-Lite PRO Series portable light towers. All models feature SHO parallel lamp fixtures with “flex” mounting yoke and tip support that help reduce lamp breakage.

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