Ashland Earthmovers Unleash Compact, Powerful 25SS Scraper

Sun September 10, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Ashland Earthmovers announced the April 2007 release of the 25SS track loader scraper.

The scraper is designed for small sites and will move three to four times the payload of ordinary buckets while taking on most of the extra weight, according to the manufacturer.

The 25SS is mounted to the quick attach of the power unit. Keeping the loader arms down and fully against the frame, the 25SS utilizes an oscillating front beam with caster wheels and an auxiliary hydraulic remote to carry the weight and run the unit, reducing the stress from the loader arms.

The ability to move 2.5 cu. yds. (1.9 cu m) of material makes it practical for backfilling around curbs and foundations, paving jobs, ponds and dikes. The 25SS is controlled by one auxiliary hydraulic remote.

With a heaped rating of 2.5 yds. (2.3 m), and weighing in at only 2,900 lbs. (1,315 kg), the compact design makes the 25SS easy to transport.

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