Asphalt Care Equipment Inc. Takes on IR’s Utility Products

Wed December 17, 2003 - Northeast Edition

Asphalt Care Equipment Inc., an Ingersoll-Rand (IR) roadbuilding products dealer in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, has expanded its dealership offering with the addition of the IR Utility product line, providing more IR solutions to customers in the area.

Asphalt Care Equipment is an IR distributor for seven counties in eastern Pennsylvania, including the metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and Allentown, as well as three counties covering the entire state of Delaware.

“Our existing business provides specialty tools and materials to municipalities and paving contractors,” said David Fackler, president of Asphalt Care, whose office is based in Bensalem, PA.

“Adding the Ingersoll-Rand Utility product lines will have a positive impact for Asphalt Care. We are very excited to see the reception of the new product line by our customers, offering them a full-line of roadbuilding and now utility equipment with the reputation of Ingersoll-Rand as a quality product name,” he said.

Asphalt Care now provides the following utility products in its territory representation: loader backhoes, small air compressors — up to 425 cfm, light towers, small generators — up to 70 kVA, small asphalt and soil compactors — up to 7-ton (6.3 t), light compaction equipment and concrete equipment.

“I feel that there has been a lack of equipment focus on the small to mid-size contractor,” said Fackler. “I believe that Ingersoll-Rand Utility products have a lot to offer to the small to mid-size contractors, and by selling to these contractors, I will be able to help my customers develop into large equipment purchases.”

“We are excited to announce this addition, and we welcome Asphalt Care Equipment Inc. to the utility dealership family,” said Jarrett Cowden, director of business development of IR. “This business is all about relationships and to have a partner focused on your business success is always advantageous. Small to mid-sized contractors in many instances have a unique set of needs that is sometimes much different from larger contractors.

“With this in mind, we feel that by having our Ingersoll-Rand Utility distributors focused on this customer group with a sales, service, rentals and other services such as financing supported by Ingersoll-Rand Financial Services, we can better support all contractors in today’s market,” said Cowden.

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