Asphalt Care Takes Delivery of F800T Tracked Paver

Wed August 24, 2016 - Northeast Edition #17

Asphalt Care Equipment of Bensalem, Pa., recently took delivery of its first Atlas Copco F800T tracked paver.
Asphalt Care Equipment of Bensalem, Pa., recently took delivery of its first Atlas Copco F800T tracked paver.
Asphalt Care Equipment of Bensalem, Pa., recently took delivery of its first Atlas Copco F800T tracked paver. Standing in front of an Atlas Copco Dynapac F800T tracked paver and Dynapac CP1200 roller (L-R) are Glenn Silfies, service technician, and Len Metrolo, technician; Andy Andrzejewsky, rental operations, all of Asphalt Care Equipment; Vijay Palanisamy, product manager-pavers, and Brian Henk, regional sales manager, both of Atlas Copco; Dan and David Fackler (on top of paver), both of Asphalt Care Equipment; and Tony Stoecker, sales representative; Jim Hannon, sales representative; and Bill Jainnin Asphalt Care Equipment of Bensalem, Pa., recently took delivery of its first Atlas Copco F800T tracked paver.

Asphalt Care Equipment recently took delivery of its first Atlas Copco / Dynapac F800T tracked paver.

For the Bensalem, Pa.-based dealer, the delivery sets in motion an important opportunity to reach new contractors and better service existing customers.

“Asphalt Care Equipment is excited to bring in the highway class line of asphalt pavers,” said David Fackler, president of Asphalt Care Equipment. “Atlas Copco is the major manufacturer at our dealership. We have been very strong in the commercial line paving business, but now we also have the highway class. This will give our customers the ability to do business with us in all aspects in paving — on the highway and roadways, as well as parking lots and driveways. Atlas Copco has made a commitment to bring out a full line of paving equipment and because of this, it allows our dealership to grow in the marketplace in our territory in the northeast part of the country.”

Asphalt Care Equipment became a dealer for the Dynapac line in 2008. When Atlas Copco acquired Dynapac in 2010, Asphalt Care was asked to continue on as its road construction dealer in the northeast Pennsylvania territory.

Atlas Copco's Dynapac F800T 8-ft. tracked paver also includes the manufacturer's F1000 10-ft. highway class paver.

The F800T offers high visibility of the paving surface with the paver's dual, swing-out operator platforms, which swing out from each side to give the operator a clear view of the worksite.

The platforms also eliminate operator fatigue from prolonged leaning that can occur when an operator strains in a stationary seat to get a clear view of the work surface.

Ergonomically designed control panels allow the operator to focus on paving and look out for nearby workers. All control and operational switches are grouped according to purpose and frequency of use, which allows the operator to quickly adjust paving settings without hampering production or risking safety.

The F800T is equipped with a six-cylinder, Cummins diesel engine that meets Tier IV Final emission standards and minimizes ownership costs. The six-cylinder engine reduces strain on engine components that typically occurs with four-cylinder engines, which as a result, minimizes maintenance costs and servicing downtime.

Atlas Copco designed the F800T with features that maximize mat quality and tackle varying job requirements. Dynapac's feed control system, for instance, eliminates centerline segregation and ensures continuous uniform material flow by using four ultrasonic sensors and a very thin center chain box auger system.

The four sensors detect material heights and gaps to optimize both the auger and conveyor speed. The conveyor's 6-in.-wide chain box is the thinnest in the industry, according to Atlas Copco. This ensures continuous, uniform material flow to the center of screed. In addition, the augers have 17-in. (43 cm) diameter that eliminate centerline segregation.

The paver also is equipped with an optional, integrated hydraulic tunnel to provide efficient material head out to the end gates. The advantages of the front flip hopper eliminate material spillage toward the track. The roller push bar also has hydraulic cylinders that cushion dump trucks pushing back on the paver to eliminate mat imperfections.

The F800T is equipped with a Carlson EZIV08-15 front-mounted electrical screed. The screed gives the operator an 8- to 19-ft. (2.4 to 5.8 m) working width and a mat as high as 1 ft. A 34-kilowatt, hydraulically driven generator heats the screed to eliminate sticking and maintains a frequency control at 60 hertz, regardless of the load or speed of the engine, which allows users to connect night lighting accessories to the machine. Atlas Copco also offers safety edges, berm attachments and bolt-on extensions for greater paving efficiency.

The paver requires minimal maintenance, thus helping to ensure uptime. The multifunction display on both operator consoles shows any engine- and paver-related fault codes so operators and technicians can diagnose problems and choose corrective actions. Quick disconnect fittings and centrally located filters reduce scheduled service downtime because they are easy to access and replace.

Asphalt Care Equipment also is a dealer for Mauldin commercial line pavers, Towmaster trailers, Marathon kettles, Yanmar excavators, Broce brooms, Miller curb machines and SnowEx spreaders.

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