Atlas Copco Extends Line of Hydraulic Combi Cutters

Sun September 10, 2006 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

With the CC 1700, Atlas Copco is presenting the second new-generation hydraulic combi cutter following the CC 3300, which was introduced at the end of 2004.

The jaws are attached to one central main pin, which improves the stability and shortens the time required to replace the jaws. Both jaws can now be mounted and removed as one unit because a coupling and positioning system (CAPS) is connecting both jaws .

This allows the jaws to be easily replaced on site without a time-consuming and costly transport to the workshop. Crushing teeth and blades also can be easily replaced.

The system with the two movable jaws and two cylinders provides a high constant crushing force during the entire crushing process and the combination of a single-blade and double-blade jaw gives maximum stability under most extreme load conditions.

Universal jaws (U version) and steel cutting jaws (S version) are available for the CC 1700.

The cross section of the hydraulic lines has been increased to provide definitely shorter opening and closing cycles. The 350 bar operating pressure meets modern carrier standards.

The CC 1700 is designed for demolishing buildings and industrial plants, for secondary crushing jobs, for separating materials, for cutting steel sections and — if fitted with steel cutting arms — for demolishing steel structures.

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