Atlas Copco Handheld Breakers Boast Ergonomic Upgrades

Tue May 13, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC’s TEX pneumatic handheld breaker series features vibration reduction and other ergonomic upgrades for enhanced operator comfort and productivity.

Models in the new line include the 34-lb. (15 kg) TEX 140PS and 42-lb. (19 kg) TEX 180PS. Each breaker comes standard with a SOFSTART two-step trigger that allows the operator to fully control the chisel when starting a cut. Additionally, the air inlet swivel rotates easily, even under full pressure.

Two ergonomic, vibration-reduced versions of the standard units, the TEX 150PE and TEX 190PE, are available with spring-loaded handles and a hand-and-arm protection system (HAPS) that combine to prevent 75-percent of harmful vibrations from ever reaching the operator.

Requiring 53 and 55 cfm of air, respectively, the TEX 140PS/TEX150PE and TEX 180PS/TEX 190PE deliver approximately 1,500 blows per minute. The breakers’ high power-to-weight ratio and low center of gravity allow for easy handling and good operator balance, considerably reducing operator fatigue.

A wear-resistant polyurethane silencer on each breaker dampens the noise from compressed air pulsations, limiting the sound level of each model to 104 dbA. The silencer’s slim profile allows an unrestricted view of the work area for the operator.

The new TEX breakers are built with a one-piece, solid-cast housing that eliminates the need for side bolts. With fewer working parts, reliability is enhanced and on-site maintenance is fast and simple. To further reduce wear and machine vibrations during blank hammering, the TEX breakers utilize an air-cushioned piston return.

A built-in lubricator contains enough oil for an entire shift to minimize tool wear and also can be used for anti-freeze in cold conditions.

For more information, call 413/746-0020 or visit

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