Atlas Copco Offers New Hydraulic Compactor Attachments

Thu February 23, 2012 - National Edition

Atlas Copco’s HC 1050 hydraulic compactor is one of six new hydraulic compactors.
Atlas Copco’s HC 1050 hydraulic compactor is one of six new hydraulic compactors.

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment is introducing six new hydraulic compactors designed for use on carriers in the 2,205- to 88,185-lb. (1,000 to 40,000 kg) class. A key design feature is that the housing attachment is offset at 15 degrees, improving the force distribution on the vibrator plate while further reducing the stress and wear on the compactor, according to the manufacturer.

These compactors are virtually maintenance free due to Atlas Copco’s PermaLube system, which keeps the bearing flooded with lubricating oil. The integrated control valve regulates hydraulic flow and pressure to prevent motor overload, particularly if compactors are used on different carriers.

The hydraulic motors are protected by a regeneration feature that allows the unit to be connected to a uni-direction or bi-directional circuit.

The new Atlas Copco compactors are easy to attach — no special mount is required for fitting to carriers. Standard adapter plates and attachment brackets make attaching the compactors to carriers simple. Atlas Copco can custom-make plate extensions to fit specific applications.

Optional backfill blades make compactors easier to use: they level the way, enabling work to progress smoothly while deflecting material.

This new range of compactors is ideal for compacting trenches, ground soil and embankments, as well as for driving and pulling formwork, posts and sheet piling.

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