Autumn Arbor Care Flourishes With Bandit Model 90 Brush Chippers

Sat May 09, 2009 - Midwest Edition

Using a Bandit Model 90 brush chipper, Michael Mills has seen his landscaping and tree care business Autumn Arbor Care flourish over the past ten years in Remus, Mich.

“There’s really no comparison between Bandit and any other machine on the market today,” Mills said.

He especially likes the optional 3-knife pocket system on his 9-in. (22.9 cm) capacity disc-chipper, which leads to maximized chipping efficiency. And quality doesn’t stop with the machine: Mills said he has found that the Bandit parts and service department repeatedly exceeds his expectations by sending parts quickly, leading to minimal down time.

Bandit offers a complete line of hand-fed chippers, stump grinders, whole tree chippers, and horizontal grinders.

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