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Blaw-Knox's PF-7110, PF-7170 Pavers Provide Maximum Versatility

Mon January 24, 2022 - National Edition

The PF-7110 and PF-7170 pavers offer 360-degree visibility, giving operators an all-around view of the paving process for greater comfort and confidence.
The PF-7110 and PF-7170 pavers offer 360-degree visibility, giving operators an all-around view of the paving process for greater comfort and confidence.

Two new Blaw-Knox pavers — in a choice of tracked (PF-7110) or wheeled (PF-7170) — provide operators with maximum versatility to suit the needs of any job — delivering the power, precision and quality that highway paving contractors demand.

Blaw-Knox pavers are known for their high-quality output, and the new 7000 series pavers, born from the Blaw-Knox legacy, are no exception, according to the manufacturer.

These latest models are even more efficient than before, as they're now powered by premium 175 kW (235 hp) Tier 4i-compliant D8 engine, which decreases engine emissions while increasing fuel efficiency.

The engine's diesel particulate filter (DPF) and active, semi-automatic regeneration process work seamlessly, without interrupting the machine's performance or decreasing productivity. Starting the paver in cold weather is made easier, due to an available pump decoupler that disengages non-essential pumps for more consistent start-ups.

The PF-7110 and PF-7170 also are powerfully precise, with a four-sensor feed system that automatically matches proper delivery and flow of material to the paver's speed for smooth, even paving. With the simple press of a button on the control panel, both the driver and screed operator can hydraulically extend two-stage tunnels for better control of the material and a consistent material head in front of the screed — resulting in a high quality mat. Flow gates, as well as other options, are available to tailor machines to meet individual contractor's needs.

The Blaw-Kote protective coating prevents asphalt from sticking to vital components — providing better wear characteristics and longer life, according to the manufacturer.

The PF-7110 and PF-7170 pavers offer 360-degree visibility, giving operators an all-around view of the paving process for greater comfort and confidence.

Blaw-Knox's single-level platform permits the operator to move freely, easily and safely. Large steps, handrails and anti-slip plates allow the operator to access and exit the platform safely.

Dual rotating, tiltable consoles mean greater versatility: the operator can choose to operate the machine from either side, and an adjustable seat that can be extended beyond the edge of the paver makes for better visibility as well as comfort, leading to even greater operator productivity.

Steering on the tracked PF-7110 is controlled by two levers on the seat console, while maneuvering on the wheeled PF-7170 is by a steering wheel. Controls are intuitively clustered by function for ease of use and are backlit for use at night or in low-light conditions.

The PF-7110 and PF-7170's SmokEater fume extraction system removes fumes at 83 percent efficiency without obstructing the operator's view into the auger channel. The fan captures and conveys fumes from the auger channel through the paver and out through the integral exhaust/fumes stack. The design eliminates the need for extra ducting —preventing power losses, increasing efficiency, and offering added visibility into the auger channel.

Smooth Operator

In paving, speed and quality are equally important, and Blaw-Knox's screeds provide top paving quality for a smooth and uniform mat. A variety of front and rear hydraulically extendable Blaw-Knox screeds are available for paving applications, as well as bolt-on extensions for wide paving applications. Blaw-Knox screeds produce high compaction levels, reducing the time for subsequent roller compaction, and resulting in a smooth, high-quality mat, according to the manufacturer.

The large 12-ton capacity hopper further increases paving efficiency, working in conjunction with the independently controlled conveyors and augers to ensure a consistent flow of material to the screed. Folding, hydraulic front hopper wings deliver material to the conveyor system minimizing material segregation.

Available, reversible hydrostatic drives for the independently controlled conveyors and augers ensure the paving material is moved evenly to both sides of the screed. Proportional auger speed control, hydraulic auger height adjustments, and reversible auger rotation, provide the optimal head of material in the auger channel.

The large volume of asphalt throughput supports continuous production, regardless of paving width, thickness or paving speed.

The PF-7110 and PF-7170 make maintenance simple with ground level service accessibility and wide opening service doors on the deck surface.

For after sales support, Blaw-Knox's Road Institute has been training and supporting customers for more than 50 years with its staff of expert instructors. As with all Blaw-Knox pavers, the PF-7110 and PF-7170 pavers are backed by an extensive service network that provides the peace of mind that comes with an experienced worldwide network of technicians, workshops and dealers.

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