Bonnell Industries' Refurbishes Trucks, Maintenance Equipment

Wed July 08, 2020 - National Edition
Bonnell Industries

Refurbishing existing equipment can provide many benefits, without the expense of a new purchase, according to Bonnell Industries.

Bonnell can refurbish one-ton, single axle and double axle trucks, providing a variety of options such as dump body exterior, underside (with or without cross members), frame rails, front hitch, wheels and undercoating. Its team also will thoroughly inspect the truck to ensure all components are in good working order.

Bonnell's refurbishing services also include sandblasting, priming and painting plows, tailgate and v-box spreaders and road drags. Bonnell's Level Raise Lift System can be added to an existing plow's table. Tailgate spreaders can be refreshed and refurbished in preparation for the harsh winter ahead. Consider going the extra step and opting for galvanizing and a new bearing installation.

If needed, Bonnell also can clean up a V-Box Spreader by draining the gear box and refilling it with new gear oil, adjusting the chain to factory specs and greasing the bearings.

Road Drag models that take a beating during the summer maintenance months can be put back into working order, extending their life.

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