Carolina Cat Adds Etnyre Asphalt Products to Western N.C.

Wed June 24, 2020 - Southeast Edition #14

Carolina Cat recently added  the Etnyre line of asphalt equipment among product offerings in its eight western North Carolina locations.
Carolina Cat recently added the Etnyre line of asphalt equipment among product offerings in its eight western North Carolina locations.

The way Jonathan Law sees it, adding the Etnyre line of asphalt equipment among Carolina Cat's product offerings in its eight western North Carolina locations was more than a sound business decision.

"Our goal has always been to be a one-stop shop for a plethora of asphalt and paving products," Law explained. "We had given up some other lines of asphalt distributors and chip spreaders, so we had a product gap. Etnyre has been in business for 126 years and is the clear-cut leader in both those products. Many of our customers already own Etnyre equipment because the Mfg. makes the best of those two products on the market. However, the problem our customers had was the product support they were not getting [prior to Carolina Cat adding the line]. We see a value add for our customers because of the support Carolina Cat brings to the table, including parts distribution and service personnel.

"One of our goals as a Cat dealer in the paving division is to represent the best manufacturing partners and their product lines for each segment of our industry. We have that covered now with Caterpillar paving products, Weiler commercial and highway class paving products, Gomaco concrete paving products, and now, the best distributor and chip spreader products from Etnyre."

However, Law said another factor in Carolina Cat's decision to bring on Etnyre, besides filling out its paving product lineup, was adding diversification to the line that the dealership had not had before. Included among several products were vertical storage tanks and hauler tanks for Carolina Cat's asphalt paving customers.

To be ready for proper dealer support of the Etnyre line, Law said the dealership has had its service personnel trained on the new equipment. The manufacturer first came to North Carolina for classroom sessions, bringing with it both a computer system from a distributor truck, as well as an asphalt distributor for hands-on learning. Etnyre covered service, start-ups and inspections on their machines. Parts and sales training is scheduled in June, too.

Entyre also has hired a dedicated new product support specialist to work alongside its territory rep in western North Carolina and the company's paving specialists, which Law said "will work together to cover the bases for us and for the machine population our customers have running.

"Our focus is product support first, because we need to be able to take care of the customers who are thrilled that Carolina Cat is going to be the dealer handling that support," he added. "We need service and parts training out of the gate. So, when those phones start ringing, we are prepared to be a true partner for our customers with Etnyre products." CEG