Caterpillar Adds AP255E Paver to Machine Family

Tue March 11, 2014 - National Edition

The AP255E offers versatile paving range for working in a variety of applications.
The AP255E offers versatile paving range for working in a variety of applications.

The Caterpillar AP255E paver weighs in at 9,920 lb. (4,500 kg), allowing for easy transport with other equipment.

The AP255E offers a versatile paving range for working in a variety of applications. The standard range is 55 in. to 102 in. (140 to 260 cm), and with extensions can pave up to 133 in. (340 cm), making easy work of parking lots and urban streets. When equipped with the central paving attachment, the range is reduced to 20 to 55 in. (50 to 140 cm) for effective performance on cycle paths, sidewalks, and walking paths. When utilizing the right-side attachment, the paving range is reduced even further to 6 to 39 in. (15 to 100 cm). This option is beneficial for trench work and narrow shoulders.

The operating station is strategically located over the screed in order to provide clear sight to the hopper, screed extenders and auger chamber. Machine controls are easily accessible from either side of the platform to ensure convenient operation and the platform is equipped with an operator presence switch that enables/disables machine functions.

The material delivery system has many unique features including independent hopper control for working near buildings and other obstacles. Each auger also offers independent control and along with the conveyor are reversible, which limits handwork at the end of each pass. Three sensors with one mounted over the conveyor and two at the end of each extender ensure timely mix delivery. The adjustable height augers facilitate high clearance when loading for transport and for installation of the paving reduction attachments.

The Cat C2.2 Tier IV Interim Stage IIIB emission compliant engine produces 46 hp (34.1 kW) of power, while the durable steel track undercarriage performs on inclines and soft base materials. The high ground clearance, which is unique to many pavers in this size class, overcomes manhole covers and simplifies transport on trailers. Also, a four-point lifting attachment offers an additional mode of transport with truck or trailer equipped hoists.

The AS3143 screed utilizes a tractor-equipped generator to power the electrically heated screed plates for an operator-friendly environment. Temperature sensors and multi-zone heating elements in each section including the optional extensions ensure that quick, even-heat distribution occurs throughout the screed plates.