Central Texas John Deere Construction Dealer Goes Green

Sun December 05, 2010 - West Edition

RDO Equipment Co. in Hewitt, Texas, significantly reduced its carbon footprint with a new energy-efficient lighting system from Energy Solutions of Texas.

“We’re excited about the opportunities this new lighting system will bring,” said Cory Kosse, general manager at RDO Equipment Co. —Hewitt. RDO Equipment Co. is a John Deere dealer network with 59 locations in nine states, including six in Texas.

RDO Equipment Co. sells and services John Deere construction equipment for all of Central Texas. It is the largest distributor of commercial John Deere equipment in the area. RDO Equipment Co. also is the leading source for parts and service for John Deere equipment.

RDO Equipment Co. cut energy consumption in half at its Hewitt store with a new lighting system from Energy Solutions of Texas. In total, 115 lighting fixtures were replaced with high-efficiency, American-made fluorescent lights.

The new lighting system outperforms traditional lighting systems while consuming far less energy.

The new system will reduce energy costs and provide greater security for visitors to RDO Equipment Co. and its John Deere equipment on site.

Energy Solutions of Texas has partnered with Orion Energy Systems, a leader in the lighting industry, to make sure its customers’ new lighting systems use only the best American-made products.

The company also offers energy management and energy audit solutions, among other services, to provide its clients with comprehensive, cost-efficient energy saving solutions.

About Energy Solutions of Texas

Energy Solutions of Texas was founded in 2007 to help substantially reduce the carbon footprint of commercial and industrial facilities in Central Texas.

Services include custom energy-efficient lighting systems, energy management solutions, lighting controls, project and construction management, energy procurement and energy audits.

For more information, call 877/434-4363 or visit www.EnergySolutionsTX.com.