Caterpillar PM201

Conveyor System

Collecting Conveyor Speed620 ft/min
Collecting Conveyor Width40 in (102 cm)
Discharge Conveyor Length27.30 ft (8 m)
Discharge Conveyor Maximum Speed760 ft/min
Discharge Conveyor Swing (R/L)45 °
Discharge Conveyor Swing - From Center45 °
Discharge Conveyor Width36 in (91 cm)


Max Operating Height16.60 ft (5 m)
Max Truck Clearance15.60 ft (5 m)
Maximum Operating Height16.50 ft (5 m)
Maximum Truck Clearance15.60 ft (5 m)
Minimum Operating Height10.60 ft (3 m)
Operating Length49.60 ft (15 m)
Operating Length - Conveyor Up49.50 ft (15 m)
Operating Width9.20 ft (3 m)
Shipping Height10.60 ft (3 m)
Shipping Length27.10 ft (8 m)
Shipping Length - Base Machine27 ft (8 m)
Shipping Maximum Height9.80 ft (3 m)
Shipping Width8.50 ft (3 m)


Displacement1,105 cu in (0 m)
Engine ModelC18 with ACERT
Gross Power650 hp (485 kw)
Net Power625 hp (466 kw)
Power Measured @2,100 rpm

Operating Specifications

Inside Turn Radius15.40 ft (5 m)
Maximum Travel Speed3.70 mph (6 kph)
Operating Speed132 ft/min


Cooling System Fluid Capacity21 gal (79 l)
Engine Oil Capacity17 gal (64 l)
Fuel Capacity250 gal (946 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity180 gal (681 l)
Operating Speed132 ft/min
Operating Weight - Full Load86,360 lbs (39,173 kg)
Operational Voltage24
Shipping Weight - Empty76,950 lbs (34,904 kg)
Travel Speed3.70 mph (6 kph)
Water Spray System Fluid Capacity1,000 gal (3,785 l)

Rotary Cutter

Cutter Diameter46 in (117 cm)
Cutting Depth12.10 in (31 cm)
Cutting Width6.90 ft (2 m)
Number of Tools190

Rotor Assembly

Maximum Cutting Depth12 in (30 cm)
Number of Cutting Tools190

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity250 gal (946 l)
Water Spray System1,000 gal (3,785 l)


Front Track Length6.80 ft (2 m)
Front Track Width13.80 in (35 cm)
Number of Track Units4
Rear Track Length6.80 ft (2 m)
Rear Track Width13.80 in (35 cm)


Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank86,360 lbs (39,173 kg)
Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank on Front Tracks47,500 lbs (21,546 kg)
Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank on Rear Tracks38,860 lbs (17,627 kg)
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank76,950 lbs (34,904 kg)
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank on Front Tracks41,550 lbs (18,847 kg)
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank on Rear Tracks35,400 lbs (16,057 kg)

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