Caterpillar PR750B

Conveyor System

Discharge Conveyor Width36 in (91 cm)


Operating Length54.20 ft (17 m)
Shipping Height12.30 ft (4 m)
Shipping Width11.80 ft (4 m)


Displacement1,647.70 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model3,412
Gross Power749.70 hp (559 kw)


Fuel Capacity325.10 gal (1,231 l)
Operating Speed75.10 ft/min
Operating Weight - Full Load94,000.80 lbs (42,639 kg)
Travel Speed2.10 mph (3 kph)
Water Spray System Fluid Capacity1,200.10 gal (4,542 l)

Rotary Cutter

Cutting Depth10 in (25 cm)
Cutting Width10 ft (3 m)
Number of Tools216


Front Track Width18 in (46 cm)
Number of Track Units3
Rear Track Width18 in (46 cm)

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