Caterpillar 235C


Height to Top of Cab11.20 ft (3 m)
Length of Tracks16.50 ft (5 m)
Upper Structure Ground Clearance3.70 ft (1 m)


Displacement640.80 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model3,306
Net Power250 hp (186 kw)

Loading Shovel

Max Cutting Height30.10 ft (9 m)
Max Dig Reach27.40 ft (8 m)
Max Dump Height16.60 ft (5 m)


Fuel Capacity130 gal (492 l)


Backhoe Ground Pressure - Shoe 18.80 psi
Backhoe Ground Pressure - Shoe 27.50 psi
Backhoe Operating Weight - Shoe 192,902.90 lbs (42,141 kg)
Backhoe Shoe Width 130 in (76 cm)
Backhoe Shoe Width 235.90 in (91 cm)
Loading Shovel Ground Pressure15 psi
Loading Shovel Operating Weight26,477.60 lbs (12,010 kg)
Loading Shovel Shoe Width18 in (46 cm)
Max Travel Speed2 mph (3 kph)

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