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Caterpillar 120M Motor Grader


Blade Tip Range - Backward5 deg
Blade Tip Range - Forward40 deg
Circle Centershift - Left25.8 in
Circle Centershift - Right25.8 in
Maximum Blade Position Angle90 deg
Maximum Depth of Cut28.3 in
Maximum Lift Above Ground16.8 in
Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires - Left68.6 in
Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires - Right75 in
Moldboard Sideshift - Left20.1 in
Moldboard Sideshift - Right26 in


Blade Tip Angle - Front40 deg
Blade Tip Angle - Rear5 deg
Diameter60.2 in
Max Lift Above Ground16.8 in
Max Reach Outside Tires - Left68.6 in
Max Reach Outside Tires - Right75 in
Shift Left25.8 in
Shift Right25.8 in


Blade Base8.3 ft
Front Ground Clearance1.9 ft
Ground Clearance - Rear Axle13.6 in
Height - Exhaust Stack112.4 in
Height - Front Axle Center22.5 in
Height - Top of Cab10.8 ft
Height - Top of Cylinders113.7 in
Height to Top of Isomount Cab10.8 ft
Length - Between Tandem Axles59.5 in
Length - Counterweight to Ripper389.3 in
Length - Front Axle to Mid Tandem232.8 in
Length - Front Axle to Moldboard98.9 in
Length - Front Tire to Rear of Machine334.1 in
Overall Length27.9 ft
Rear Ground Clearance1.2 ft
Tandem Axle Wheelbase5 ft
Wheelbase19.4 ft
Width - Outside Front Tires97.7 in
Width - Outside Rear Tires97.7 in
Width - Tire Center Lines84.1 in
Width Over Tires8.2 ft


Base Power (1st Gear) - Net138 hp (103 kw)
Base Power (1st Gear) - Net - Metric140 hp (104 kw)
Base Power (All Gears) - Net138 hp (103 kw)
Bore4.2 in
Derating Altitude11500 ft
Displacement403 cu in
EmissionsU.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent
Engine ModelCat C6.6 ACERT
High - Ambient Capability122 deg
High Ambient - Fan Speed - Maximum1,650 rpm
High Ambient - Fan Speed - Minimum600 rpm
Max Power138 hp (103 kw)
Maximum Torque690 lbs ft
Net Power Gears 7-8138 hp (103 kw)
Number of Cylinders6
Power Measured @2000 rpm
Speed at Rated Power2,000 rpm
Standard - Ambient Capability109 deg
Standard - Fan Speed - Maximum1,150 rpm
Standard - Fan Speed - Minimum600 rpm
Stroke5 in
Torque Rise - VHP Plus40%
VHP Plus Range - Net103-136 kW (138-182)
VHP Plus Range - Net - Metric103-136 kW (140-185)
VHP Range - Net103-114 kW (138-153)


Circle - Blade Beam Thickness1.4 in
Circle - Diameter60.2 in
Drawbar - Height6 in
Drawbar - Thickness0.4 in
Drawbar - Width3 in
Front Axle - Height to Center22.5 in
Front Axle - Total Oscillation per Side32 deg
Front Axle - Wheel Lean - Left/Right18 deg
Front Frame Structure - Height0.9 ft
Front Frame Structure - Width0.9 ft

Front Axle

Ground Clearance1.9 ft
Oscillation - Total32 deg
Wheel Lean18 deg

Hydraulic System

Circuit TypeElectro-hydraulic load sensing, closed center
Maximum System Pressure3500 psi
Pump Flow40 gpm
Pump Output40 gpm
Pump TypeVariable piston
Relief Valve Pressure3500 psi
Standby Pressure450 psi


Arc Radius16.3 in
Blade Down Pressure28887.2 lbs
Blade Down Pressure - Base GVW16435 lbs
Blade Down Pressure - Maximum GVW29125 lbs
Blade Pull - Base GVW20350 lbs
Blade Pull - Maximum GVW24218 lbs
Blade Pull at Max Weight40221 lbs
Blade Width12 ft
Cutting Edge Thickness0.6 in
Cutting Edge Width6 in
End Bit - Thickness0.6 in
End Bit - Width6 in
Max Depth of Cut28.3 in
Moldboard - Height24 in
Moldboard - Thickness0.9 in
Moldboard - Width12 ft
Moldboard Height24 in
Moldboard Length12 ft
Moldboard Thickness0.9 in
Moldboard Width12 ft
Side Shift Left20.1 in
Side Shift Right26 in
Throat Clearance5.2 in

Operating Specifications

Articulation Angle - Left/Right20 deg
Circle Gearbox Fluid Capacity1.8 gal
Cooling System Fluid Capacity10.4 gal
Forward - 1st2.4 mph (3 kph)
Forward - 2nd3.3 mph (5 kph)
Forward - 3rd4.8 mph (6 kph)
Forward - 4th6.5 mph (10 kph)
Forward - 5th10.2 mph (16 kph)
Forward - 6th13.8 mph (21 kph)
Forward - 7th19 mph (31 kph)
Forward - 8th27.7 mph (43 kph)
Fuel Capacity90 gal
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity15.9 gal
Max Operation Weight - Front Axle16312 lbs
Max Operation Weight - Rear Axle28378 lbs
Max Operation Weight - Total44690 lbs
Operating Weight 31069 lbs
Rear Diff/Final Drive Fluid Capacity13.2 gal
Reverse - 1st2
Reverse - 2nd3.8 mph (5 kph)
Reverse - 3rd5.6 mph (8 kph)
Reverse - 4th8.6 mph (13 kph)
Reverse - 5th16.1 mph (26 kph)
Reverse - 6th23.5 mph (37 kph)
Std Operation Weight - Front Axle8233 lbs
Std Operation Weight - Rear Axle22836 lbs
Std Operation Weight - Total31069 lbs
Steering Range - Left/Right47.5 deg
Tandem Case Fluid Capacity (each)16.9 gal
Top Speed - Forward27.7 mph (43 kph)
Top Speed - Reverse23.5 mph (37 kph)
Turning Radius - Outside Front Tires24.5 ft

Power Train

Brakes - ParkingMultiple oil disc
Brakes - SecondaryDual circuit control system
Brakes - ServiceMultiple oil-disc
Brakes - Service - Surface Area3565 cu in
Forward/Reverse Gears8 Fwd / 6 Rev
TransmissionDirect drive, power shift, countershaft


Machine Length Increase, Beam Raised39.2 in
Penetration Force17705 lbs
Pry-Out Force26303 lbs
Ripper Shank Holder Spacing21 in
Ripper Shank Holders5
Ripping Depth - Maximum17 in


Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing4.6 in
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Scarifying Depth, Maximum18.4 in
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Working Width47.4 in
Mid, Straight - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing4.4 in
Mid, Straight - Scarifier Shank Holders17
Mid, Straight - Scarifying Depth, Maximum12.5 in
Mid, Straight - Working Width71 in
Mid, V-Type - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing4.6 in
Mid, V-Type - Scarifier Shank Holders11
Mid, V-Type - Scarifying Depth, Maximum11.5 in
Mid, V-Type - Working Width46.6 in
Rear - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing10.5 in
Rear - Scarifier Shank Holders9
Rear - Scarifying Depth, Maximum10.5 in
Rear - Working Width91 in

Service Refill

Circle Drive Housing1.8 gal
Cooling System8.7 gal
Engine Oil3.7 gal
Front Wheel Spindle Bearing Housing0.1 gal
Fuel Capacity90 gal
Hydraulic System - Tank16.9 gal
Tandem Housing - Each15.6 gal
Transmission - Differential - Final Drives16.5 gal


BrakesISO 3450:1996
ROPS/FOPSISO 3471:1992 / ISO 3449:1992
SoundISO 6394:1998 / ISO 6395:1988
SteeringISO 5010:1992

Steering System

Articulation Angle 20 deg
Turning Radius24.5 ft


Drive Chain Pitch1.8 in
Height19.8 in
Sidewall Thickness - Inner0.5 in
Sidewall Thickness - Outer0.6 in
Tandem Oscillation - Front Down25 deg
Tandem Oscillation - Front Up15 deg
Wheel Axle Spacing59.5 in
Width6.8 in


Max Speed - Forward27.7 mph (43 kph)
Max Speed - Reverse23.5 mph (37 kph)
Number of Gears - Forward8
Number of Gears - Reverse6
Transmission Typedirect drive, power shift, countershaft


Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Front Axle9303 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Rear Axle26479 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Total35783 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Maximum - Front Axle15077 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Maximum - Rear Axle33523 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Maximum - Total48601 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Typically Equipped - Front Axle11221 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight - Typically Equipped - Total40565 lbs
Operating Weight - Typically Equipped40565 lbs

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