Chieftain 2100 Chomps on Rock at Turks Sand & Gravel

Wed November 14, 2007 - Northeast Edition

David Turcotte, owner of Turcotte Concrete Floors, has more than 35 years in the concrete business. In April 2007, he decided to diversify his operations with Turk’s Sand & Gravel, a more than 250-acre (101 ha) sand and gravel pit in southern Maine.

Turcotte had purchased the land 13 years prior but was unsure how he wanted to develop the property. With the market demand of aggregates rising, he decided to invest in equipment and people to become a major aggregates producer in the region supplying the top concrete and asphalt producers.

To start up his pit, Turcotte turned to Powerscreen and Brian McGirr of Aggregates Solutions Incorporated, its representative in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

With McGirr’s guidance, Turcotte was able to find the right machine to give him the top production from his pit and allow him to turn a quick profit.

“I had tried and considered several other manufacturers, but Brian’s hands-on approach and knowledge of the machine really impressed me. Brian’s 20-year experience with Powerscreen and his ability to offer immediate service is a tremendous asset for a person in my position. We really need to be able to rely on our equipment and those that support it to stay competitive and grow,” said Turcotte.

Upon review of the Turk’s Sand & Gravel layout, Turcotte was offered the Powerscreen Chieftain 2100 triple-deck mobile screen to handle his operational demands.

The Chieftain 2100 features three decks of 20 by 5 ft. (6.1 by 1.5 m) surface area, offering optimal screening area and producing clean spec products. The Chieftain offers an oil-bathed, two bearing design and a huck-bolted screenbox for operational strength. It has the ability to provide four clean products.

Equipped with a 2-in. (5 cm) top deck, 1-in. (2.5 cm) middle deck and a .5-in. (1.3 cm) bottom deck, Turk’s Sand & Gravel is able to achieve output of more than 350 tons (318 t) per hour, of which 70 percent comprises its core product.

With the addition of the Powerscreen Chieftain, Turk’s Sand & Gravel is able to provide Northern New England with aggregate and bitumen.

“In this New England economy, I really need the best machine and value out there. With Brian McGirr and Powerscreen, I feel confident the future of Turk’s Sand & Gravel is secure,” said Turcotte.