City Begins Sinkhole Clean Up in La Jolla

Tue November 27, 2007 - West Edition
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SAN DIEGO (AP) City workers began drilling holes Oct. 31 for giant steel pins that will be used to stabilize a residential street that collapsed in San Diego’s La Jolla neighborhood four weeks earlier.

A wedge of Mount Soleded sank 20 ft. (6 m) in the landslide, which rendered six houses uninhabitable and caused an estimated $48 million in damage.

Officials say 37 shear pins will be placed 60 to 65 ft. (18 to 19.8 m) deep into Soledad Mountain Road to hold the rest of the earth in place while repairs and reconstruction proceeds.

The hillside has given way in the past. At least three significant slides occurred between 1961 and 1994, including a major 1961 failure that destroyed seven homes under construction.