Construction Equipment Stuck in Lake LBJ as Lake Refills

Mon February 13, 2017 - West Edition
Jay Wiles

The Lower Colorado River Authority says a large piece of construction equipment is stuck in Lake LBJ near Horseshoe Bay.

The LCRA says the excavator became stranded after they began refilling the lake after it was lowered four feet in January so owners could repair docks and retaining walls.

The lake began filling back up on Thursday and, as of Sunday night, is still a foot below its normal height.

Residents along Lake LBJ told KXAN they were worried oil was leaking into the lake. But the LCRA says the only oil that might be in the water is lubricant on the equipment.

The LCRA says they were notified Saturday and that LCRA Rangers are monitoring the situation.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Llano County authorities have also been notified.

They say the company operating the excavator is working to remove it from Lake LBJ sometime this week.

The LCRA is continuing to refill the lake, which should be complete by Feb. 13 night.

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