Cowin Equipment Brings Kobelco to FL Panhandle, GA

Wed December 08, 2004 - Southeast Edition

Kobelco Cranes North America Inc., has designated Cowin Equipment Co. as its authorized dealer for Georgia and the Florida Panhandle.

“We are excited about the opportunity to have Cowin expand their representation of our products,” said Jack Fendrick, general manager of Kobelco Cranes. “Cowin has built a reputation as a dealer that knows success is based on supporting the end user.”

Cowin has been the Kobelco dealer for Alabama since 1994 and recently sold additional Kobelco cranes to Scott Bridge Co. Inc., Opelika, AL, and Rogers Bridge Co. Inc., Atlanta, GA.

Scott Bridge purchased two new Kobelco cranes — a 200-ton (180 t) CK2000 and a 160-ton (145 t) CK1600, which are being used on a bridge-building project on Highway 46 near Soperton, GA. Their functions include pile-driving and setting girder beams and two cofferdams in the Oconee River.

“I like the way they set up, how the third drum performs and the way the booms are supported,” said Bill Johnson, superintendent of Scott’s eastern area.

David Pearson, Scott’s pile-driving superintendent said, “We needed the reach of this crane for building the cofferdams. Presently we are using the crane with a vibratory hammer for shaking in H beams for the template to support the pilings. This crane is exactly what we needed to do this job. I feel the Kobelcos have done the best job for us.”

Scott had previously purchased four Kobelco 100-ton (90 t) CK1000 IIs.

Rogers Bridge purchased two 100-ton (90 t) Kobelco CK1000 IIs. According to Cecil Pearce, president of Rogers Bridge, one of these is assigned to projects in North Georgia. It is currently providing overall service in the construction of a new bridge on Five Forks Trickum Road, which will cross the Yellow River near Lilburn, GA.

“From pile-driving and transporting concrete to building four cofferdams, this crane is just what we needed,” said James Stuart, crane operator of Rogers. “As an operator, this is my crane of choice. It’s very smooth and swings well. I love it.”

Pearce said the second CK1000 II “is assigned to projects in South Georgia and will work on various projects along the Georgia coast.”

Kobelco Cranes North America is a subsidiary of Kobe Steel Ltd., a Japan-based conglomerate with more than 95 years of experience and sales in excess of $12 billion. Kobelco established a sales a product support office in Houston, TX — known as Kobelco Cranes North America — in 2003, recognizing that the interests of North American customers could best be served by an American enterprise.

Kobelco offers five crawler crane models ranging from 85 to 250 tons (77 to 227 t). All feature modern design, including winches with wet disc brakes, Kobelco-designed load moment indicators, dial-type drum speed control, key-controlled release switches, and lightning arrestors.