Crane Operators Save Victim’s Life

Sat July 14, 2007 - Midwest Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Budrovich Contracting crane operators, Rocky Rhodes and Steve Leslie, came to the rescue of a man whose arm was nearly amputated in an auto accident June 22. The accident took place near the interchange of I-55 and I-270 in south St. Louis County.

Both crane operators were following each other on their way to construction job sites, when a cement truck blew a tire and collided with the car next to it. The cement truck then fell on the car, pinning the driver inside.

Rhodes and Leslie stopped to help and went toward the cement truck. Upon determining the cement truck driver was okay, they turned their attention to the driver in the automobile. It was immediately apparent that the driver was injured so both men broke the windshield and entered the vehicle.

Leslie made sure the victim remained conscious and kept the arm elevated until the Mehlville FPD and EMT’s arrived on scene. That act aided responders in saving the victim’s life, according to one of the responders.

The men were employees of Budrovich Contracting. The Budrovich Companies specialize in crane rental, site utility excavation, mass and finish grading, and residential, commercial and industrial land development. Budrovich employs approximately 150 skilled operators, laborers and teamsters in the St. Louis metropolitan region, utilizing approximately 90 pieces of excavation and grading equipment and 30 mobile hydraulic cranes.

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