Dig-&-Grab Digging Bucket Features Grapple Attachment

Mon April 02, 2007 - National Edition

McLaren Industries’ Dig-&-Grab heavy-duty digging bucket with grapple attachment is for use with skid steer and track loaders. The Dig-&-Grab combines the loading and leveling functions of a standard bucket with the grabbing abilities of a grapple.

The Dig-&-Grab caters to a multitude of applications, from transporting brush, wood chips and straw to hauling larger, more demanding loads such as logs, rocks and demolition debris.

Additionally, because the bucket features a closed-bottom design, the attachment can be used to carry finer materials including dirt and compost without scattering it about the work area.

Available in three sizes, 66, 72 and 78 in. (168, 183 and 198 cm) wide, there is a Dig-&-Grab bucket to meet many industry demands. Constructed of strong, rust-resistant manganese and chromium steel alloy, all buckets are 20 in. (51 cm) deep and feature a thick, 6-in.- (15 cm) deep leading edge.

A powerful cylinder opens the four heavy-duty grapple arms up to 35 in. (89 cm) wide. The tines are .6-in. (1.6 cm) thick, rivaling the durability of standard .5-in. (1.3 cm) thick tines found on other units, while strategically positioned to offer a clear view of the bucket or load, according to the manufacturer.

Other standard features include Yokohama hydraulic hoses and a one-year limited warranty (30 days on hydraulic components). In addition, a quick coupler is included for fast and secure attachment.

For more information, call 800/836-0040 or visit www.mclarenindustries.com.