Ditch Witch Releases SK850

Mon November 03, 2014 - National Edition

The Ditch Witch SK850 is equipped with a 37-hp (27.6-kW), Tier IV Yanmar diesel engine.
The Ditch Witch SK850 is equipped with a 37-hp (27.6-kW), Tier IV Yanmar diesel engine.

The Ditch Witch organization’s SK850 is equipped with a 37-hp (27.6-kW), Tier IV Yanmar diesel engine. The engine provides outstanding power for all machine functions and directs more power to the attachment than other models, so attachments are more productive. The SK850 accepts dozens of attachments for a wide range of utility, landscaping, plumbing and other underground construction tasks.

The Ditch Witch organization firmly believes that a more comfortable operator is a more productive operator, and the SK850 embodies this philosophy. Its 74-sq.-in. (188-sq cm) platform is larger and higher, giving the operator increased comfort and stability while keeping him above the work site. The ergonomic operator’s station has been updated with new, customer-requested features, for optimized comfort and efficiency. Dual-lever ground drive controls come standard, with an optional single-lever joystick available. An auxiliary control foot pedal helps operators maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment while freeing their hands to control depth and ground speed.

The SK850’s high-drive track system has bolt-on sprockets that can be interchanged — an exclusive Ditch Witch feature — to provide longer-lasting performance. The track system also has a low-maintenance track-tensioning system with a grease cylinder for easy adjustment and track removal, which helps in-crease track life and reduce downtime. The SK850 comes with the customer’s choice of 42-in. (107 cm) or 36-in. (91 cm) wide tracks.

With its 860-lb. (390 kg) rated operating capacity and 83-inch. (2.1 cm) hinge-pin height, the SK850 is engineered for productive loading. The SK850 is construction-grade, built with reinforced steel that can withstand the rigors of the job site. And its belt-free design helps minimize maintenance and increase up-time.

Another standard feature that improves both operational efficiency and operator safety is the auto-throttle function. When enabled, the auto-throttle automatically reduces engine RPMs when hydraulic functions are not in use. The engine returns to the operator-set engine RPM when any hydraulic function is engaged, improving overall fuel efficiency, according to the maufacturer.

For more information, call 800/654-6481 or visit www.ditchwitch.com.