Enerpac Integrated Solutions Changes Name to Heavy Lifting Technology

Wed March 01, 2017 - National Edition

For twenty years Enerpac Integrated Solutions have been proud to enable customers to rise to their challenges. However, Integrated Solutions did not truly represent who and what we are. Therefore, we are changing our name to Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. This new name better represents the safe, innovative, heavy lifting solution that we provide our customers.

For those that may not be familiar with Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology, our ambition is to be the world's leading supplier of heavy lifting equipment and solutions. Today, customers count on Enerpac to own the entire challenge of delivering the right equipment for the safe, efficient execution of large, complex lifts through:

· Proven expertise in hydraulics, electronic controls and steel fabrication.

· Advanced engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities.

· Doing it all in-house for maximum quality control, responsiveness and accountability.

“In our work with customers around the world, we're seeing the stakes raised in terms of the size and complexity of lifts,” said Jeroen Naalden, global director, heavy lifting technology.

“Everything we're doing is about strengthening our ability to address these challenges — whether it involves helping them scope the right equipment, designing and building a custom solution, or providing on-site support and training.”

“We take our customers through an interactive process to solve heavy-lifting challenges in almost any environment, anywhere,” said Mart Hinnen, Plant Manager and Head of Engineering, Heavy Lifting Technology. “Collaborating with customers on tough projects and seeing them all the way through to success is what inspires us every day.”

For more information, visit Enerpac.com.