Expotractor Adds Lowboy Trailers

Wed May 01, 2013 - National Edition

Lowboy trailer provider, Expotractor, a provider of new and used equipment for heavy construction, has added lowboy trailers to its product range. A diverse range of equipment parts are available at Expotractor. The company specializes in the export of equipment and parts to Europe, South and Central America, Canada, the Middle East and Africa.

Lowboy trailers have extensive use in the heavy construction sector. As the load on a trailer increases, it becomes more top heavy and there is a high probability of tipping. These types of trailers are used to ensure safety and stability to the trailers. They have decks that are closer to the ground and have a lower center of gravity compared to other trailers. It also is much easier to load the lower level of the deck. These types of trailers can be extremely useful while removing cargo at places that have no dock for loading and unloading. Expotractor is now offering lowboy from Fontaine and Witzco Challenger.

For more information, visit Expotractor.com.