Fecon Offers Four Tooling Options for Bull Hog Mulchers

Fri February 06, 2009 - National Edition

Fecon now offers four tooling options for the Bull Hog mulchers. These tooling options further efficiency and versatility in brush cutting applications. With more tooling options, the operator can tailor cutting to each application for maximized performance and longer tool life, according to the manufacturer.

Tooling choices for Bull Hog mulchers include: Fecon’s double carbide, stone tool, single carbide and chipper tool.

Fecon’s double carbide tool is known for its versatility in brush cutting.

The stone tool provides durability and is useful for the most challenging environments when a great deal of ground engagement is desired.

Single carbide is ideal when working with hard wood species like osage orange or mesquite. The single carbide can be intermixed with double carbide to deal with ever changing material.

The chipper tool is the fastest cutting tool and leaves a finer, more uniform mulch product, according to Fecon.

For more information, call 800/528-3113 or visit www.fecon.com.